Welcome to Eileenchoo.com!

Hi there! I’m Eileen and thanks for taking the time to check my site out!

快熟面Chinese is where I’ll be leaving my legacy to help more English-speaking primary school kids in Singapore lean Chinese quick and easy. Forget about memorization and drilling, forget about the you-can-only-speak-Chinese rule. That’s too boring for me to teach and useless for you to learn.

Having taught at a MOE school for over a decade and going through the education system myself, I’ve met my fair share of traditional, stern Chinese teachers as well as the more motherly and caring ones.

I come from an English-speaking family myself and I know how intimidating Chinese can be when you see walls of texts and get forced to learn things that you know you’ll never use in your whole life.

Thanks to all my ex-students and their parents, they’ve inspired me to come up with many creative ways of teaching Chinese and turn my Chinese classes into fun memorable experiences. My teaching philosophy has always been simple. If you can’t imagine yourself loving the lesson, your students probably won’t love it either.

Because of the positive feedback I’ve gotten from numerous school teachers and parents when I shared at the national educational conferences, I know I can help in some way.

Whether you are someone who have failed Chinese, hate Chinese or just find Chinese difficult, let me help you see the fun side of learning our mother tongue and make it less painful for you, ok?

If you find any of my resources useful, I just hope that you can help to share it so that we can change the life of one more child together and make them feel less stressed about school. There is nothing more precious in the world than seeing a child’s eyes light up when they’ve gained enlightenment or hearing someone go “Aha!”. =)