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For those of you who are just getting started Chinese composition writing, mastering common Chinese compo phrases can be a great way to begin!

Here’s an easy guide featuring the 3 essential Chinese compo phrases that will give you a nice start.

Chinese compo phrase to use as a transition – 看到眼前的这一幕

The phrase “看到眼前的这一幕” can be translated into “upon seeing such a situation” in English.

This can be really useful when you want to describe any scenario that you see and adds flow to your story. Check out this video if you want to learn how to use this chinese compo phrases in detail.

Chinese compo phrase that adds a little drama – 不偏不倚

“不偏不倚” means “bullseye” in short. This chinese phrase can come in handy when your character throws something in your Chinese composition and you want to describe how accurately it hits an object or person. Think of how timely it is and how unfortunate your character is.

One easy example would be the scene where a kid is playing with a ball and the ball hits a vase. The ball 不偏不倚地击中the vase. You get the idea.

Bonus: Describing an internal struggle with more phrases

The last Chinese compo phrase (or phrases) that I’m going to share is a useful one for describing the internal struggle that your character is experiencing.

Think of the scenario where someone picks up a fat wallet that’s full of money or see a random stranger in need of help. You may have experience the same kind of internal struggle yourself, but don’t really know how to express it in Chinese.

I came up with a vivid way of describing this internal struggle using your inner “angel and devil” and many of my students and fellow teachers loved it.

Watch this video to start adding more “colours” to your character.


Now that you’ve got these 3 new and versatile Chinese phrases for compo up your sleeves, it’s time to learn how to use some other good phrases to describe emotions and idioms in your Chinese composition .

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