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Chinese composition good phrases

After learning how to start a compo and end it well, the next thing to do is to learn some Chinese composition good phrases (好词好句) to spice up your zuo wen.

However, memorizing good phrases for your Chinese compo can be a very painful and challenging process. It’ll be good if you already have a list of good phrases in your pockets that are ready to use whenever it’s time for composition writing.

In this video that I’ve created, I will be introducing an easy and practical good phrases that you can use in your Chinese composition whenever you need to describe a happy moment. Learn how to remember the phrase easily and write it quickly anytime you need.

This Chinese good phrase will not only make your writing sound more expressive, but also bring your characters to life! So don’t forget to try using it when you are writing your next Chinese compo!

Do you have any other happy phrase for composition writing to share? Let me know in the comments below.

Learn this happy phrase for composition and more!

This Chinese compo phrases for happy is only one of the many good words and phrases that I have to share.

Over my course of teaching in school, I have shortlisted the most useful and simplest hao ci hao ju 好词好句 and turned them into fun videos that my class kids enjoy.

If you are interested to get a set of these videos on essential good phrases for compo writing and level up your Chinese compo writing skills the easy way., feel free to get in touch or leave a comment.

I have videos that teach phrases of different difficulty levels and they are all made with our Singaporean Primary 3 up to Primary 6 kids in mind.

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