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Looking for some common PSLE Chinese Oral conversation topics to practice your Chinese exam e-oral?

Then look no further!

Many students in Primary 5 and 6 find the video oral conversation part of their Chinese oral exams challenging. I’ve found that the reason is mostly because these primary school kids haven’t quite mastered the art of elaborating yet.

If you are one of them, here are some Chinese oral video guides I’ve created to help my kids in school with the video oral discussion component.

These videos cover common PSLE Chinese oral conversation topics. Hopefully, they’ll help give you some ideas of what to say during your PSLE Chinese oral exam.

Common PSLE Chinese Oral conversation topics, according to theme:

1 – Visiting the hawker centre part 1

2 – Visiting the hawker centre part 2

3 – Keeping the environment clean part 1

4 – Keeping the environment clean part 2

PSLE Chinese Oral Conversation Topic 1

The first Chinese oral exam question that we’ll discuss revolves around the theme of eating at a hawker centre and what to take note of when you’re there.

PSLE Chinese Oral Conversation Topic 2

The second video covers the same theme of having a meal at a hawker centre, but we explore another Chinese Oral Conversation Topic – Should we take the initiative to return the trays after eating? We’ll then move on to discuss the reasons behind it.

PSLE Chinese Oral Conversation Topic 3

In the third video, we discuss a new Chinese oral topic on keeping the environment clean and learn common types of rubbish in Chinese.

PSLE Chinese Oral Conversation Topic 4

Finally, in this last video, we tackle the Chinese conversation topic on the consequences of littering (Fines and Corrective Work Order) under the same theme.

Chinese Oral conversation technique

You’ll find that no matter what the Chinese conversation topic in your PSLE eOral exam is, the P.E.E. technique is something that’ll be useful to you, so be sure to master it before your Chinese oral exams.

Preparing for Chinese Oral conversation is only part of the equation…

Check out this post if you want to know how you can do well for the oral reading aloud section!

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