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Do the Primary 1s and 2s have exams in Singapore?

Primary 1 and Primary 2 students in Singapore do not have any tests and exams and are not given grades unlike their peers in upper primary.

However, they do have to go through some form of holistic assessments as part of the primary school requirements to help teachers assess their learning progress, for example Show and Tell or oral tests. Although the P1s and P2s can be chatty in class, they do get a bit more nervous when they’re in a formal setting.

In this post, I’ll be sharing a Chinese oral guide that I’ve done for my class kids to help them learn what to say to the examiner during an oral exam so that they don’t get stuck too much. Hopefully this can help you out if you have a child who’s in lower primary too.

Primary 1 and 2 Chinese Oral guide

I’ve broken the entire Chinese oral test into simpler parts that it’s easier for kids to tackle it step by step.

Here’s the overview of what’s covered in this Chinese oral guide:

  • How to start describing the given picture
  • How to put people into groups to make them easier to describe
  • How to describe people’s actions and give your own opinions
  • How to end your oral

This video should equip you with all the oral techniques you need to help your child cope with their Primary 1 or Primary 2 oral test. Hopefully, this can make the tests simpler for them and they won’t find themselves getting stuck not knowing what to say anymore.

Other Primary 1 and 2 assessments

Besides oral, some Primary 1 and Primary 2 children might start learning to writing compositions in their Chinese class. Check out this post if you are wondering how to teach your P1 / P2 child compo writing.

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