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In this Chinese oral exam guide, let’s learn how to improve your reading scores for the reading aloud section of your Chinese oral exam.

Do you know what are your examiners looking for? With right techniques and knowledge, scoring a perfect score or anything close to that shouldn’t be hard. Let’s find out more to help you be better prepared for your oral exam.

Chinese oral exam grading

In order to assess how good your mastery of the Chinese language is, your examiner will usually grade your oral passage reading based on 2 things:

  • the accuracy of what’s being read (内容) and its fluency
  • how expressively you read the content (表达).

Once you are aware of the requirements of your oral exam in primary school, you can then spend the given 5 minutes of preparation time better. (Yes, you are no longer like the other primary school kids who waste their precious 5 minutes now.)

Chinese oral exam guide

In the video guide below, I’m going to share some useful tips that you can use when you are preparing to read your Chinese oral passage so that you’ll sound more confident. Besides that, I’ll also be touching on important things like reading speed, what to do when you see an unfamiliar word etc.

Be sure to watch the video till the end. I’ve also included a live demo so that you can hear how certain reading sound like.

Remember to use this video as reference for your oral practice. If you still have any questions, free feel to ask them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer them.





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