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What is picture description in Chinese oral?

The picture description section in Chinese oral requires Primary 3 and 4 children to look at a picture, describe what they see and share their thoughts. This is also the part that most kids in P3 and P4 often have problems with. Is your kid also one of them?

In this post, I’m going to share some oral picture description tips and tricks that you can teach your child and prepare them for their oral test.

Picture description tips for P3 and P4 kids

Every student has a 5-minute preparation time during their Chinese oral test that they can use to prepare for both the reading aloud passage and the picture description part. However, most students waste the given time by merely looking at the picture but not seeing.

What do I mean?

Looking at the oral test picture without thinking deeper about it is part of the reason why students get nervous during the actual oral exam. Imagine, you’re already nervous seeing the unfamiliar faces of the oral examiners, what’s worse is that you’re underprepared.

How can we be better prepared and avoid this nightmare?

What you want to do is to study the picture. Think of how you are going to describe the picture, what you’re going to say and what questions your oral examiners might ask.

For example, one important thing to note about the oral test picture is the location, time and people in it. Try to identify the theme of the oral picture. Getting the theme right will be useful as you are brainstorming about the vocabulary to go with it.

Primary 3 and 4 Chinese Oral Picture Description tips

Here’s the first part of the video guide on Chinese oral picture description that I’ve created for my class kids. Learn how to start your oral description with a good oral opening that covers key elements. This method can be used regardless of what picture you see in your oral picture description section.

Once you’ve mastered how to come up with the introduction to your picture description, you won’t feel awkward or be at a loss for words during your oral test.

Chinese Oral Picture discussion is easy to score with practice

Do get in touch if you’re interested to get the rest of the videos in this Primary 3 and 4 Chinese oral series for oral practice.

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