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What is picture description in Chinese oral?

The picture description section in Chinese oral requires Primary 3 and 4 children to look at a picture, describe what they see and share their thoughts. This is also the part that most kids in P3 and P4 often have problems with. Is your kid also one of them?

In this post, I’m going to share some picture description tips and tricks that you can teach your child for their oral test.

Picture description tips for P3 and P4 kids

Every student has a 5-minute preparation time during their oral test. During this time, they are supposed to prepare for both the reading passage and the picture description part. However, many of them simply waste it by glancing at the picture without thinking much.

What is the right thing to do?

Well, study the picture and think about how you are going to describe it!

Where is the place? What time is it and who are the people that you see? Is there a main theme to the picture? Think about what you’ll say to your examiner. Once you can tell the theme of the picture, you’ll find it easier to talk about the picture using the right vocabulary.

Watch this learning video that I made to teach your kid how to go about their oral test. Learn tips to start their description with a good oral opening that covers key elements like the place and time and what you see.

This method can be used whether you are doing a picture description of a garden, market, park, hospital etc.

Once mastering this skill of coming up with an introduction to start your picture description, you’ll no longer feel awkward or be at a loss for words during your oral test. A good start is already half the battle won!

Want to get the rest of the videos in this Primary 3 and 4 Chinese oral series? Get in touch and let me know.






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